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一首英文歌,歌词有很多We Could Be Heroes ,女的唱的

歌曲名:We Could Be Heroes 歌手:Bwo 专辑:Halcyon Days We Could Be Heroes bwo Pandemonium - The Singles Collection Bwo - We Could Be Heroes Lyrics Take me to the roads where I used to drive Away from small town schemes

歌名《Unstopable》乐队 The Score歌词we could be hero every we go望采纳

歌名是heroes 歌手是alesso wo can do anything.

歌名是heroes 歌手是Alesso,可以在百度音乐中搜索到这首歌.的确很好听.你说的那句歌词应该是:We could be heroes完整歌词如下:[00:06.80] Heroes[00:07.45]演唱:Alesso[00:08.01][00:08.57]We go hideaway in daylight[00:11.68]We go

你可能听到是翻唱Tove Lo的歌演唱者:RUNAGROUND歌名:Heroes - Alesso (Acoustic Cover Version)歌词:[Verse 1: Tove Lo]We could hide away in daylightWe go undercover, wait out the sunGot a secret side in plain sightWhere the streets

heroes(we could be) 再看看别人怎么说的.

歌词应为“We can be Heroes ”出自歌曲《Heroes》.《Heroes》演唱:David Bowie 所属专辑:《"Heroes"》唱片公司:RCA 发行时间:1977年10月14日 歌词:I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them

Take me to the roads where I used to drive Away from small town schemes Cobblestones on bumpy roads To the life on silver screens Memories from a life escaping When the dark is closing in After storms have passed I see at last The magic can

i know we could be so happy baby 歌手:buckley jeff 专辑:sketches for my sweetheart the drunk there's no easy answer, none to blame or forgive. two cripples dancing to the bitter end we live. i'm not with you, not of you not with you, not of you you

电影 蓝精灵-寻找神秘村 Heroes (We Could Be) - Alesso & Tove Lo We go hideaway in daylight 光天化日 我们e799bee5baa6e79fa5e98193e59b9ee7ad9431333363393666隐藏自己 We go undercover when under sun 阳光下 我们暗地行动 Got a

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