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or by train造句

You can go by air or by train. 你可以乘飞机也可以乘火车去.I don't know whether I'm going by car or by train, but in either event I'll need money. 我不知道坐汽车还是坐火车去,不管是哪种情况,我都需要钱.

Henry used to travel by train.亨利过去常坐火车旅行.I like traveling by train best.我最喜欢乘火车旅行


I take a train to beijing.I go to beijing by train.


I go to the station by train. I go to the station by plane. I go to an airport by train. I go to an airport by plane. I go to the station by plane,and I go to an airport by train.

You can go by train or plane或者 Can you go by train or plane?希望楼主采纳谢谢来自管理员ID:堕落の鲁鲁修

Do they go there by boat or by train?他们是坐船还是坐火车去那里? 满意请采纳,谢谢

There are many ways of traveling, People may travel by plane if they want to travel far and reach their destination in a shorter time. It is the most comfortable but expensive way. Most people travel by train because it is a less expensive way but the

I perfer volleyball to basketball.我喜欢打排球胜于打篮球.I perfer staying at home to watching TV.我更愿意呆在家中而不是看电视.

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