信号与系统 Signals&Systems 作者Oppenheim 我用的是英文版 上面这本是经典教材(老师说的) 电路分析基础 Introductory Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineering 模拟电路基础 INTRODUCTION TO ANALOG ELECTRONIC

语文chinese 数学math 英语English 物理physic 化学chemistry 美术art 音乐music 体育PE历史history 政治politics 信息技术IT

生物制药专业biological pharmacy 数控专业numerical control 环保专业environmental conservation 机电专业electro mechanic 物流专业Logistics 机电一体化Mechatronics 汽修专业 Automobile Service课程: 化工分析 chemical analysis专业综合课程 major-related integrated curriculum

1 Common typo error term solution cases2 Organization Theory3 C Programming Language4 Communication Circuits and Systems Experiment5 Multimedia Data Communication Technology6 Marxist political economy Seminars

优 excellent(80或以上) 良 good(70-79) 中 medium(60-69) 差 poor(59或以下)

Students Tutorial Olympic Culture,Primary accounting experiment,Intermediate Accounting ExperimentMental HealthManagement Accounting and Control ExperimentFinancial diagnosis and decision-making experiments,

1 cultural and historical Column2 Television Appreciation3 Game Theory and Information Economics4 Social Practice5 Intermediate Chemistry Experiment6 Introduction to Materials

1 computer technology foundation 2 computer civilization foundation 3 modern social etiquette 4 university student career guidance 5 computer programming 6 understanding practise

食品营养与保健Health Care and Nutrition of Food 现代投资理财Modern Investment and Financing 技术创新学 Technological Innovation 生命科学导论 Introduction to Life Science 世界军事与中国国防Global Military Affairs and China's National Defense 组织理论与设计Organization Theory and Design管理科学发展动态Develop Trends of Management Science

Computer-based计算机基础An Introduction to Chinese stock market中国股票市场概论Maritime Law海商法Audit the financial statements财务报表审计Investments投资学Contemporary World Economics and Politics当代世界经济与政治Public

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