nostalgic 英文意思:very nostalgia

眷恋 be sentimentally attached to/have a soft spot for sbhave a soft spot for sb. 喜欢某人[物]; 钟爱某人[物]; 对某人[物]有好感I have a soft spot for my old school.我对母校怀有眷恋之情.

眷恋 [juàn liàn] [书] be sentimentally attached to (a person or place);眷恋 [juàn liàn] [书] be sentimentally attached to (a person or place);

be attached to (sb or someplace)例如:I am attached to this place. 我对此地心生眷恋

[be sentimentally attached to (a person or a place)] 非常留恋.出自高级汉语词典

留恋be reluctant to leave眷恋be sentimentally attached to

眷恋一般用attach就可以的. 希望能够采纳,谢谢.

留恋1. recall with nostalgia2. be reluctant to leave (a place); can't bear to part 例句:32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d83313333323933661 It is best that we do not have to come back anymore because no matter how deeply

留恋1.linger2.norombi3.filled with longing4.linger about 留恋的1.wistful2.linger 留恋过去1.nostalgia2.does the past 逗留,留恋1.linger 留恋松1.guadalupe pine

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