前面直走右转Walk straight and turn right.

Go straight (forward) / Go directly 直着走.

直走的英文翻译是go straight.go straight 英 [u streit] 美 [o stret] v.笔直走,正直做人 扩展资料1、Go straight on and turn left, then you can see it. 一直走然后向左转,然后你能看到它.2、Go straight up this street. you'll see it on the right. 这条

直走的英文翻译是go straight,读音:[u streit] .go straight英 [u streit] 美 [o stret] v.笔直走,正直做人.go straight的用法示例如下:(1)Go straight ahead and you'll walk into it. 一直走,你就走到了.(2)You go straight down this road. 你

walk along the street and then turn right

walk along 沿着……直走 go staight 直线往前走 go down 沿着某方向一直走

The Garden Hotel is ahead. Go straight about one hundred meters. You won't miss it.

go straight 常用的turn left左转,turn right右转.

外面直走英文是Outside, go straight

go aheadgo straightwalk alongwalk straight along根据语境的需要翻译可以多种啊

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