《毕业生》主题曲 《the sound of silence》史莱克主题曲《It is you》《You belong to me》sarah connor 《love is color blind》《just onelast dance》酷玩 《perfect world》枪花 《do not cry》《dillon hill》《queen of my heart 》《suddenly I see》真的都还不错,仔细听哦.

1 沉默之声 The Sound Of Silence 2 爱的细语There's A Kind Of Hush 3 阳光季节 Seasons In The Sun 4 唱首忧郁的歌 Song Sung Blue 5 在老橡树上系黄丝带 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree 6 雨的旋律 Rhythm of The Rain 7 七个寂

My Heart Will Go On (<<铁达尼号>> 主题曲) Everything I Do, I Do It For You (<<罗宾汉>>主题曲) Casablanca 卡萨布兰卡 (<<北非谍影>>插曲) W

50首太多了推荐20首够你听的了【都是本人珍藏】1 my love2 if i let you go3 seasons in the sun4 soledad5 i lay my love on you6 you raise me up7 when you looking like that8 lemon tree9 the day you went away10 pretty boy11 because of you12 free

To Be Continue - 尼欧 前天才听到的 很好听Blue Night - 迈克学摇滚 这个也是前天 有点老了Ring My Bells - Enrique Iglesias 这个很早一前听过又从温了一遍Over My Head (Better Off Dead) - sum41 哈哈这个CS练枪

peerless 歌手darin zanyar 无雨的加利副尼亚 听了再说

1 never had a dream come true2 Just Tonight The Pretty Reckless3 Every Moment Of My Life Sarah Connor4 I don't give Avril Lavigne5 Ready For Love Cascada 有点劲爆的英文歌曲6 Never Gonna Leave This Bed Maroon 57 Baby Lee Teenage

甜美女声 Alizee,法国美女小天后,16岁时以一首MoiLolita成名,席卷法国、西班牙、意大利、德国、俄罗斯、以色列、荷兰及波兰等8大国排行冠军宝座.挟“Moi Lolita”的冠军气势,Alizee的首张专辑“Gourmandises”在全球创下400万

winter in my heart(befour) young for you(the gala) mad sex cool the rose imagine me without you (jaci) gotta have you(the weepies) the truth that you leave traveling light(joel) anyone of us(gareth) look what you have done(jet) how to save a life(the fary)

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