I fantasize your face as i dream alseep 我幻想你的脸庞 在我入睡后的梦中hoping and wondering if you think of me 期待着你能想起我 又对此深感疑虑asking myself 我问我自己does he exsist? does he even know who i am 他真的存在的吗 他知道

i afraid lose you because i love you 我害怕失去你因为我爱你 i afraid lose you because i miss you 我害怕失去你因为我想你 i afraid lose you because i so much like you 我害怕失去你因为我如此喜欢你 i afraid lose you because i think you 我害怕

情绪或观念的转变:明白了,失落了,期望了,决心了,决定了. 这话是对谁说的,那么她会变成什么样的人就完全取决于谁.她心中的人会影响她的一举一动,而她做事会以她心中那人为中心而展开,或许会迷失,没有主见.

My dear! I'll never let you down. I'll do better.

what i can't bear is to lose you.i can't afford to lose you.

I can't guarantee that my effort will get satisfactory results but if efforts are notmeans I will never have a satisfactory result

I won't cry.Because my heart is seeking help to my couragement.潇洒应该这样比较好:elegant and uncanventional

thank you so much for your ruthlessness. I Wii give up totally. I swear I will not disturb you anymore.

Without you I where to go tomorrow? I really can not do without you, if I can't live without you.Please don't leave me.

The past is innocented to forfeit you, live none sensus of meet, but does I just detect my miscount, me swearing to override to love you forever.不用这样吧,该过去的总会过去,不要让已经过去的事再在你心中留下阴影!

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